Thoughtful Gifts for Shut-Ins

Thoughtful Gifts for Shut-Ins

If you have a relative or friend who is a shut-in, a thoughtful gift would be appreciated by them. Here are some helpful gift ideas that are sure to please.

Shut-ins get bored watching TV and sitting around the house. If they are sick and feeble, this solitary life is their destiny. Why not make their life more pleasant with a small thoughtful gift?

A person homebound might like to read. Books are not always the answer, as they require a lot of time to read. Get them a magazine with interesting tidbits. It doesn’t have to be a current one either, as sometimes the magazines of several years ago produce a chuckle with the dress styles, etc.

Another item that would be of interest is an audio CD of a book. If they cannot see to read themselves, a person reads a book for them on a CD.

A VCR or DVD with a clean wholesome movie would be appreciated. If you can, drop by and watch it with them. You can bring some snacks and perhaps make tea, coffee, or bring a soda for them to enjoy with the movie.

A greeting card, every now and then, is a thoughtful gesture. A phone call is also a thoughtful gesture.

An offer to go to the grocery store to purchase groceries for them is another thoughtful gift.

If they are not diabetic, bring them something sweet to eat. If they are diabetic, a home cooked entree would be very appreciated. If they are diabetic, you might want to check to see about the number of carbs that they can have, before you bring an entree.

A book of stamps is a nice gift, as most of the time shut-ins have to pay their bills by mail. A supply of birthday cards is also an appropriate gift. The shut in often has children and grandchildren that they would like to remember on their birthdays.

If you have children, they could draw and color a picture for the shut-in. They could come with you when you make a visit to their home.

Shut-ins miss the life outside of their homes. Anything that you can do to make the home life that they must lead now is very much appreciated. It will give you a good feeling, also, knowing that you are helping someone else.

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